We're Improving IndyConnect.org!

We're Improving IndyConnect.org!

We're updating the website!  Look for a new version to launch in Winter 2015/16.  In the meantime, we still have the most current studies posted, and ways to contact us if you'd like to know more about Indy Connect or the individual routes being studied.

Invite Indy Connect to Come Speak

Invite Indy Connect to Come Speak

We want to ensure you are informed about the transit plan for the future of Central Indiana and what it could mean for our community.  We welcome the opportunity to come speak at your club or organization.  Just email us at at request@indyconnect.org with your information and we will work with you to arrange for an Indy Connect representative to come and speak.

The Indy Connect Transit PLan

Indy Connect, Central Indiana’s Transportation Initiative, is about connecting people to people and people to places through a network of bus routes, rapid transit lines, walking and biking paths and roadways.

It’s about how these modes of transportation work together to get people to healthcare, jobs, the grocery store, school and entertainment.

It offers much-needed transportation for those who don’t have a car, alternatives for those who don’t want to drive a car, and opportunities for jobs, cleaner air and neighborhood revitalization.

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