Light Rail

Light Rail is capable of operating on its own separate rail line or on rails embedded in the street. These vehicles are designed to move large numbers of people from one location to another quickly and conveniently. Light rail would run frequently, at least every 15 minutes, and would stop at stations—much like BRT stations— making them convenient for daily commuter use. And since Light Rail is completely separated from other vehicular traffic, it is an incredibly reliable and efficient transit option.

The type of light rail vehicle that would most likely be used if implemented in Central Indiana is called the Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU). This is a light rail vehicle that can operate without the use of an overhead catenary as it has its own internal power source.

Cities like Austin, TX, Camden, NJ,, and San Diego, CA all use Light Rail DMUs today.

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Rapid Transit: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) & Light Rail

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