The Plan

The proposed long-range transportation plan is designed to connect people to people and people to places around Central Indiana. It's intended to provide transportation options – from local bus, to rapid transit, to roadways and pedestrian and bike pathways – and connect people to jobs, healthcare, education and shopping. It's intended to increase Central Indiana's competitiveness and economic development opportunities, while improving the environment, job growth opportunities and quality of life.

A plan endorsed by local elected officials and civic and business leaders in December 2011 suggests a phased implementation – beginning with a 10-year plan to be built in Marion and Hamilton counties.  Additional counties could join during that time period and service would be extended within that county according to the plan.

Highlights of the proposed transportation plan include:

Bus:   Doubling of the current bus service in the first 10-years, with eventual expansion to nearly triple the current size.   This means significantly less wait time between buses and longer hours of service, plus more direct routes.  Also included is the addition of community circulators and express bus routes. 

Rapid Transit Lines: Five Rapid Transit lines could provide high frequency service to heavily traveled areas. Rapid Transit runs every 5-15 minutes, has dedicated lanes or rails, and  controls traffic signals to reduce travel time. Rapid Transit features frequent stops at upgraded transit stations with lighting, benches, and announcements so travelers know when the next vehicle is arriving. Light rail or bus rapid transit vehicles can be used to provide rapid transit service.

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